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The Secret's in the Science

Bi-ionic L Technology is WORLD FIRST and is unique to Autosmart.


It provides the first fundamental change to TFR Technology in 30 years and a major innovation in cleaning technology


Autosmart is the first company n the world t break through this scientific barrier and develop a detergent with both positive and negative arms. This breakthrough is called BI-IONIC L Technology







Bi-ionic L Technology knocks the competition!!!!

         HighIy developed emuIsifier backbone for dissolving grease and il.

         Negative jab softens and Ioosens the dirt.

         Positive punch produces the knockout bIow by penetrating and Iifting traffic fiIm.

         Can be p to 20% more effective than conventional TFRs - even r own!!

         Produces more foamy TFRs for increased user appeal

         Gives a better finish - Iess water marks and higher shine

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