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AUTOSMART now makes it possible for you to restore the natural shine and appearance of all motor bike parts (chromium-plated surfaces, plastics, tyres, etc). Using just one coat of an AUTOSMART polisher, you can achieve the desired results and a lasting maintenance.



A water-based tyre and trim dressing with silicone for both protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, rubber and plastic. High sheen but can be diluted for interior use if a softer sheen is required. Finish is solvent-free and non-flammable.



A long life engine lacquer. Designed for under bonnet use, it is non-yellowing and is both oil and heat resistant. Also suitable as lacquer dressing for bumpers.



An interior dressing for vinyl, plastics and rubber trim. Leaves a natural finish.



An economical rubber dressing to both clean and restore all rubber trims to an ‘as new’ appearance.



Fast and effective lubricant for rubbers and plastics. For all round lubrication of hinges, window channels, winding mechanisms, steering columns and plastic brushes, as well as eliminating dashboardsqueaks.



A super, weather resistant, rejuvenating dressing for exterior trim & tyres. Highly concentrated for economical use. Apply sparingly using a sponge for an as new finish.

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