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By managing costs effectively we can reduce your cleaning bills dramatically – often by as much as a half.


CONCENTRATED PRODUCTS - Autosmart's concentrated products go further than any other products on the market.


AUTOMATIC DILUTION CONTROL - Our unique range of cost control systems allows dilution rates to be set to achieve optimum performance at the lowest possible costs.


REDUCED PACKAGING COSTS - Our unique top-up delivery service for detergents ensures that you do not pay for expensive packaging, and can buy as much or little as you need.


OPTIMISED STOCK LEVELS - Autosmart can help you to save cash by determining the right level of stock for your business. Our stock control systems ensure that you hold the smallest possible number of stock lines, which eliminates product duplication and overstocking, but ensures that the right stock is always to hand.


MONITORED COSTS - To assist multi-site operators we can analyse monthly chemical expenditure and monitor cost per vehicle washed. This helps you to identify where further cost savings can be made.

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