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AUTOSMART, a company established and operating in Great Britain since 1978, is now a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialised cleaning and care products for wheeled vehicles, repair shops and body shops, as well as disinfecting and sanitary products and a full range of cleaning accessories and tools.

Research and technology is the cornerstone of AUTOSMART philosophy. In collaboration with a number of renown universities and receiving partial funding from the British Ministry of Commerce, AUTOSMART has organised an extensive Research and Development programme in response to an international demand for a technological upgrade of products.

All AUTOSMART products meet international quality standards BS EN ISO 9001, from initial design to final manufacture. AUTOSMART was the first company in its area of specialisation to obtain this quality certificate in 1989. Since 1995 the company has also obtained BS EN ISO 14001 certificate concerning the protection of the environment. It is one of the very few companies in Great Britain to participate in EMAS (EC Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), a scheme set up by the European Union to improve the ecological policy of the European industry.

The company was established to meet exclusively trader market needs with a comprehensive range of specialised products. However, the demand in the retail sector for such products in a number of overseas markets gave rise to the need to manufacture and distribute, with particular success, retail products to individual markets.

With a very strong presence in the international market, AUTOSMART works closely with its representatives throughout the world in order to ensure the best possible performance of products, under any conditions.

In the Greek market, AUTOSMART products have established themselves in the car trader sector.  Our company supplies dewaxing products and other specialised car care and cleaning products to a great part of the car trader market. It also works with car wash facilities, petrol stations, car rental companies, repair shops, body shops and other specialised centres. Our products are available in the retail sector via selected outlets, such as car traders, car wash facilities and petrol stations, repair shops, body shops, car accessories etc.

Moreover, it provides a great range of cleaning and disinfecting products for staff and premises alike to a number of building cleaning businesses. With a comprehensive range of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitary products for premises and staff alike, AUTOSMART will also cater for the needs of cleaning teams, food and beverage companies, private businesses etc.

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